This guy looks as cocky as any rooster, but he is less than one foot tall.


Serama chickens are a miniature bantam breed. Developed in Malaysia, the Serama lays claim to being the world’s smallest chicken. Full grown roosters (like the one in the previous picture) top out at about one pound in weight, give or take a few ounces. They can fit in smaller than normal spaces, not needing as much room in a coop or run and eating a lot less food than larger birds.

In addition to the novelty of their size, Seramas hold their tails at an unusually acute angle that makes them unique. They are friendly, easy to handle, and get along well with other chickens. But some owners have reported their Seramas can get loud, while others label them as very quiet pets.

This is a fairly new breed, so it is not yet widespread. The birds are very popular in Malaysia, where Serama shows are held every weekend. In the United States, they are gaining popularity, particularly as pets for people who have limited space. Here is a picture of a Serama hen; the resolution is poor, but you can see that she holds her tail as the same angle as that rooster in the previous image.

Serama chickens

Serama chickens Facts


Hens are less than one pound in size. Seramas measure from 6-10 inches tall.


In Malaysia, these chickens have not been bred for their color, but for other characteristics. As a result, most birds have lots of patchy reds, blacks, and whites on their plumage.


Hens lay miniature eggs up to half a pound in weight. They can be white, dark brown, or any shade in between. Frequency for laying hens can approach 3-4 eggs per week. Roughly 5 Serama eggs = 1 standard egg.


Very calm and accepting of human contact. Great pets.


These are warm weather birds, which should not be outside when temperatures fall below 40 degrees. Some people keep them as indoor pets.