It’s a bunny, a kitten…no, it’s a chicken! Silkies are unusual birds in that they have soft, downy feathers. These feathers resemble fur or silk. Their calm, peaceful nature also makes them excellent pets.

Silkies originated in Asia, probably in China or Southeast Asia. They were mentioned by Marco Polo in his accounts of his travels in the Orient. In Asia, their black fleshed meat is exotic as well, purported to help people with diabetes, anemia, and weak immune systems.

Silkies lay eggs consistently. However, remember that these are very small eggs, so even if you get three per week from a hen, that may not be enough to equal one standard sized egg. Here is a Silkie picture (yes, that’s the head, and yes, they do have bright blue ears).


Silkie Facts


Standard hens are 3 pounds. Believe it or not, there is a smaller bantam version also.


White, black, buff, blue (gray), and other colors.

Silkie eggs

Good rate of 3 per week, cream colored and bantam sized.


Calm, relaxed, make good pets.


Despite their lightweight size, Silkies do not fly well, so even a 3-foot fence should contain them.