Orpingtons are huge, block shaped birds that provide a good rate of egg production. They have dual purpose characteristics, often used for meat as well, making them a good fit for small farms. Orpingtons are very friendly and easygoing, so they have become favorites in backyard flocks also. To top it all off, they are quite cold hardy, which makes them suitable for northern climates.

The breed was developed in England in the late 19 century, putting the town of Orpington on the map. The original breeder reportedly created a black bird that would not show the soot of London. Today, the black variety still exists, as do white, blue, buff, and splash. Buff Orpingtons are the most popular, probably the world’s most common blonde chickens.

Here is a picture of three Orpy hens in different colors: splash white, blue (gray), and buff.

Orpington Chickens

Orpington Facts


Very large, with hens ranging from 8 pounds to 10.5 pounds.


Colors are predominantly solid, but soft and creamy, as you can see from the previous picture.

Buff is the most common, but black, blue, white, and splash are others that also exist.


Dependable layers of 3-5 eggs per week, which are large and brown.


Friendly, easygoing, not aggressive.


Orpingtons are nice enough that they’re are often at the bottom of the pecking order in a mixed flock. 2) Hens should continue to lay through the winter, unlike many others.

Orpington video