These birds are longtime backyard favorites. Wyandottes lay quite well, handle confinement without complaint, and have a calm, carefree nature. They are dual purpose breed, having good value as both egg layers and meat birds.

Wyandottes were developed in the United States, probably in New York in the late 1800s. Most people find them quite attractive, since they tend to have swirled or spotted color patterns due to the dark highlights on the edges of their feathers. Many different colors exist and the highlighted edges on feathers are known as “lacing”. For example, a Gold Laced Wyandotte has predominantly gold feathers that are outlined in black, which does look a lot like lacing or netting. Here is a picture of one, so you can see what I am talking about.

Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte Chickens Facts


Medium to heavy birds, with hens weighing around 6-6.5 pounds.


There are many different colors of Wyandottes. These include black, white, and buff, as well as gold laced, silver laced, and partridge (with a golden collar).


Wyandottes are great layers of large, brown eggs, averaging about 4 per week.


Calm and carefree, very accepting of confinement.


While they are calm birds, they often run the show from the top of the pecking order, keeping other birds in line. Also, they are not quiet, since they cluck a lot, but they aren’t usually too loud either.